• King Golf

Week 6 of Season

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

This week is going to be big. Varsity has 3 matches, JV has 4. Check this as we will make adjustments.

Monday 4/8-Both teams wear Blue shirts

Varsity-leaving fast after 5th-Max, Chase, AJ, Ivan, Joel, Evan

JV-Get rides to General Old(I wont be here)-Eshaan, Jason, Ashton, Diego, Caleb, Jr

Tuesday 4/9-JV at Damien-get out at 1 and leave at 1:15 Wear Grey shirts

JV-Eshaan, Ashton, Jr, Caleb, Michael, AJ

Wednesday 4/10-Both teams are home. Varsity at Canyon Crest, JV at General Old

Varsity(wear Grey)-Kevin, Joel, Ivan, Evan, Max, Chase

JV(Wear Blue)-Ashton, Diego, Jason, Michael, Jr, AJ

Thursday 4/11-Varsity Home, JV Away(get out at 1:15)

Varsity-Kevin, Chase, AJ, Ivan, Evan, Joel

JV-Max, Eshaan, Diego, Caleb, Jason, Michael