• King Golf

Week 2 Challenge

Updated: Feb 12

Teams for this week

Team Red: Max, AJ, Caleb, Diego V

Team Blue: Chase C, Bear, Diego A, Wes

Team Silver: Eshaan, Jason, Chase G, Ashton

Teams will take the top two scores from their group on each hole. That score will determine team standings. On day 2 you are required to use the score of every player at least once

Team red will receive an extra 4 strokes total, team blue will receive 0 extra total. Team Silver receives 4 strokes. After day 1 strokes are applied. team blue shot 82, team red 85, team silver 88

The two day winning team, receives a New sleeve of balls and your clubs cleaned. second place: A ball and a soda pop

third place: Clean the clubs of a guy who finished first, and do 5 push-ups for every stroke you lost by. good luck. day 1 tee schedule team red, silver, then blue

day 2 tee schedule-winners, then second then third