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Team Week Updated!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Final week before season

this week is meant to help you realize that just cause you play good doesnt mean the team wins. You want everyone to do their best and if you can help along the way you should. This means looking for balls, helping a player, encouraging, reading putts. Every stroke under your group wins a taco for the week. Every stroke over everyone in the group does 10 pushups Thursday.

Groups kevin max aj diego. 175 average a day

team shot 172. Needs to shoot 178 wed. Shot 177. beat it by 1

ivan Chase evan Ashton 175 average a day

team shot 186. On wed coach Kyle will switch in for ashton. Team needs to shoot 125 now. Which means a 114 to avoid pushups. Shot 137. Lost by 23

coach joel jason eshaan 175 average a day

Team shot 162. Need a 188 wed shot 180. Beat it by 8

Caleb Michael Jr diego 175 average a day

team shot 182. Former player Sam will play with us wed and join their squad. need to shoot a 168 or better with Sam to avoid pushups.

Shot 211. 38 over

No Double Par all scores count.

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