Without These Wolves King Golf Wouldn't Be What It Is Today

Class of 19-Joel Gonsier, Evan Chavez, Ivan Ciudad Real

Class of 18-Caesar Ledesma(played 3 seasons), Ethan Elrod(played 3 seasons), (Dabin Lee played 15-17)

Class of 17-Sam Butler, Michael Higginbotham, Jacob Flaczinski, Mitchell Jaggers(3 seasons),

Matt Fowler(Erik Mannavong played 14-16 seasons)

Class of 16-Shivam Patel, Zach Hackbarth(played 2 seasons)(Mitchell Waterland played 13-14)(Grant Arellano played 13-15)

Class of 15-Kevin You, Tyler Hill, Parker Leinbach(played 2 seasons)(David Sandavol played in 14)(Mario Montejano played 13)

Class of 14-Dan You, Ryan Brown, (Tyler McGee played 11-12)(Austin Aguilera played 11)

Class of 13-No Seniors

Class of 12-Tommy Kummerfeld, Grayson Arellano, Austin Perriera, Blake Miller, Blake Peterson(played 1 season)

Class of 11-Will Park, Dylan Salgado, Ben Cronan(2 seasons), Conner Herbst

Senior Class 2019