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Interested in playing golf for the Wolves? King has a Varsity and a JV team. A varsity player will usually shoot in the 36-42 range on a normal 9 hole day. A JV player usually shoots from 44-55. To make the team you normally want to target a 50 or better on 9 holes. If you are outside of that there are several great teaching pros that we have worked with at both Canyon Crest CC, and General Old GC. Please feel free to email me if you need help finding lessons. 

King Golf has consistently been one of the top teams in the Inland Empire for over the past 20 years since the school's creation. The team plays at both General Old golf course and Canyon Crest Country Club. We have one of the only JV teams in the Inland Empire, and particularly around Riverside. It does allow us though to carry a few more players than other teams. 

Questions often asked by those considering trying out: 


Do I need to have experience to play? 

I would compare it to most other sports. Having experience is obviously going to help. Some people pick up a sport more naturally, but I have yet to see a person who has almost never played make the team. If you don't know what you shoot on 9 holes, you may need to put in some practice. 

How much does it cost? 

Golf can be relatively affordable. Places like General Old allow you to putt and chip for free year round. To play the course is around $10, but you can also do packages for juniors where you play the entire year for a low cost. I have heard of them also financing junior memberships.